Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Mother's Day Video

Click here: Mother's Day 2013
Every year, since I had Morgan, Brent has made a slideshow of our family for the year.  It's as close as we get to scrap booking or even blogging lately. WE finished this one tonight but hey it's done.  If you have 11 minutes to spare, check out May 2012-May 2013 in the life of the Collins.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We did Easter baskets Guam Style this year.  New sand buckets.  They worked great and are much more useful year round than Easter Baskets.

 Egg and basket hunt Saturday morning. (Easter bunny comes to our house on Saturday.)

Showing off her spoils

At the MWR Easter Eggs Hunt on base.  Jaycee was scared to death of the bunny.

We went to an egg hunt at the grocery store in the produce section. We only found one egg but it had a slip for a fruit basket. I was a little more excited about that than Morgan.

Morgan saying I love you in sign language in her pretty Easter dress from Grandma!

Both girls in their Easter dresses from Grandma.  Thanks for sending them!

Our backyard neighbors had an Easter party so we stopped by to get a picture with the bunny and two of Morgan's closest friends Suzie and Ashlin. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jaycee's 2nd Birthday

For Jaycee's birthday, we had a little cupcake party.  We had a couple of families over and enjoyed cupcakes, ice cream and then dyeing eggs. (see Easter post to come.)

She did great at blowing out her candles.  

She loved having all the help opening her presents.

Darling new Easter dress from Grandma.

Jaycee is a very fun, active 2 year old.  VERY different from her sister. She loves climbing, jumping, and playing at the park. She currently loves The Lorax and Monsters Inc. Her favorite thing to say is "I did it." Followed by "Go way." Which lovingly means, I'm doing it myself, Lay off! And we have learned to lay off and pick our battles with this one.  She is so funny and can be so sweet and cuddly but it's best to stay on her good side. We love our Jaycee.

Spring Photo Shoot

So I just posted these on facebook but my mom doesn't have an account so I need to post them here for her to see them.

Pick your favorites mom and I'll get them printed for you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

James' Farewell

Jaycee and Aunt Andrea.

Girlies with their grandma

Aunt Beth

The Nore family

The whole Collins Clan that made it to the farewell. We're so glad we got to be a part of it.

On the way home we had a one day and two night layover in Hawaii.  We had an enjoyable time.  We kept it very low key but enjoyed ourselves. 
Here are the girls on the plane ride home.  Unfortunately this was after we had already landed.  They both fell asleep during the decent of the 8 hour flight. They really did well though.

2nd half of CA

We went to a cute little pumpkin patch with Brent's sister and kids, another sister and brother-in-law and my sister and kids.  It was low key but the kids had a fun time playing and riding the train.

 We got to be there for Brent's brother James' first trip to the temple. It was great to be there with him and his family for that. We were grateful to be able to visit the temple after a 9 month hiatus while on Guam.
 Since the temple was in Sacramento and we couldn't take any kids, Brent and I decided to stay the night down there.  We got a hotel and shopped a little the next morning while my sister kept my kiddos.  That morning, my sister brought her kids and mine down to Sacramento and we all met up at the zoo. Not a huge zoo but the kids had a great time.
Notice the large tiger in the window.

Jaycee and Lexi being Kangaroos.

Morgan being the momma

Morgan, Jaycee and Bode riding the dump truck

Yes, I think Dylan is actually smiling.  Lexi was a great help with Jaycee.


After the zoo, we went back to the mall and Brent watch the kids in play area while Haylee and I shopped. We had to his the Merry-Go-Round on the way out.
Thanks again Haylee for keeping out kids over night and bringing them down the next day.  It's always fun to get away as a couple!

Morgan Kennedy Collins

Morgan is one month old!